Swing Shift Farms

Milking Practices

Milk Station: Our dairy animals are milked in a partially enclosed milk house and stanchion.

Sanitation: Our milker is cleaned with a dairy soap solution, followed by an acid wash, and is disinfected before milking with a food-grade chlorinated sanitizer. Our utensils and distribution jars are hand washed after each use with dish soap and chlorinated sanitizer and allowed to air dry.

Milking Schedule: Our dairy animals are usually milked once daily in the morning. However, for part of their freshening, they are milked twice daily.

Teat Cleaning: Each of our animal's udders and teats are cleaned with an udder wash and dried with a clean towel. We strip the teats before milking. After milking, we spray the teats with the udder wash/teat dip.

Animal Feed: During milking, our dairy animals are given alfalfa or grass hay, and at times a small amount of grain or seeds. The grain is antibiotic, hormone, and soy free.

Milk Handling and Cooling: Immediately after milking, we strain the milk in a stainless steel funnel through a single-use milk filter into a clean, glass distribution jar, capped with a clean lid. We then place the jar into an alcohol chilling bath for rapid cooling. The milk is usually cooled for 60 to 90 minutes. Milk is then placed into a refrigerator set between 33 and 40 degrees, awaiting pick-up. In rare instances, the milk may be placed into the refrigerator without first chilling in the alcohol bath, but that is very rare.