Swing Shift Farms

Shareholder Responsibilities

Shareholders must pick up milk from Swing Shift Farms each week during the time frame mutually agreed upon, unless other arrangements have been made.

Shareholders must pay their monthly boarding and milking fee on their first pick-up day of the month for the number of pick-up days in that particular month (some months will have 4 and some may have 5).

Shareholders are responsible for maintaining the temperature of milk during transportation; please don't forget your cooler and ice.

Shareholders will take the following steps to care for jars:

  1. Rinse the empty jar and lid with warm water to remove visible milk
  2. Wash jar and lid with warm soapy water concentrating on threaded portion
  3. Return to us ONLY OUR JARS AND LIDS marked with "SSF"

Do not allow milk to dry in empty jars. Do not wash jars in dishwasher or with very hot water, without first rinsing jars of milk residue with warm water, as this can set the milk proteins and create milk stone, which can affect the flavor. We will also wash each jar before use.

Our jars and lids are not to be used for any purpose other than storage of milk from our dairy. Although we wash each jar very well, the storage of pickles, kefir, yogurt, kombucha or other fermented foods can leave bacteria on jars and lids that will be used to store milk for other customers. This can affect the quality of everyone's milk, so please be considerate, and remember that the jar that you turn in may not be the jar that you pick up.

If a jar breaks, you will be responsible for paying a $10 replacement fee per jar (that is above your yearly jar fee), or you have the option of replacing the jar with a new unused one.

As a shareholder, you will have the freedom and the responsibility to keep open lines of communication with us, the owners and operators of Swing Shift Farms. As the shareholder, you are the reason for our business, and any suggestions, problems, or concerns of yours should be freely voiced. If we do not know that something is wrong, we can't make it right, so please feel free to inform us when you have a concern.