Swing Shift Farms

Milk Testing

The following are the milk test thresholds required for Producer Members of The Raw Milk Association of Colorado:

Milk Quality

1. Bacterial limits 15,000 CFU/ml (Standard Plate Count)
Standard Plate Count indicates the overall cleanliness of milking equipment and the bacteria levels within milking equipment as well as the rate of cooling and the storage temperature of the milk.

2. Coliform limits 50 CFU/ml
Coliform tests for general air and ground-borne coliform bacteria, which includes not only E.coli (99% of all strains of E.coli are beneficial and critical to life) but also beneficial lactobacillus. This gives an indication of the animal prep prior to milking, and the quality of the environment to which the animal is exposed. According to Tim Wightman, Author of Raw Milk Production Handbook, "Coliform are not dangerous, but high counts can result in milk that spoils rapidly."


These are the bacteria that make people very sick, and any presence of these bacteria are cause for serious concern.

1. Salmonella limit 0 CFU/ml (No Salmonella allowed)
2. Escherichia coli 0157:H7 limit 0 CFU/ml (No E.coli 0157:H7 allowed)

Our current Test Results